niedziela, 27 stycznia 2013

World of Tanks - great war simulation

World of Tanks is amazing thing for all war games lovers. It offers outstanding three dimensional historical tanks models. You can see a lot of detailed tanks that were fighting during World War II, choose some of the greatest units made in USSR, Germany, France or USA. War of Tanks is created especially for all military fans. That 3D war simulation gives you a possibility to play in dynamic PvP mode. Play War of Tanks for free, and fight with the best opponents online, using only your browser.

piątek, 18 stycznia 2013

Free online browser games

Free online browser games
People are looking for online games more often than simple installation games. We notice that recently they prefer to play browser games instead of new DVD productions. Online games are easier to run, you don’t have to install anything and download additional files. Usually it is necessary to have only web browser and that’s all. Join the biggest internet community now and have fun with other players. Play free online games, take part in a big adventure online, build your city in cool simulations, race with other players in online sport games, or develop your own character in browser MMORPG games.

piątek, 11 stycznia 2013

New Farming Simulator 2013

Farming Simulator 2013

A lot of people like life simulations, here we have something about farms and agrocultural things. Farming Simulator 2013 is totally new 3D game, where your task is to lead own farm. You have to think about all the ascpects of that business. Remember to feed animals, take care of them, buy livestockand all necessary tools. You have to manage everything, think what to do to expand your little farm and beat the competition. Download Farming Simulator 2013 and be the best farm manager.

piątek, 4 stycznia 2013

Action games: new vs. old

new action games

Let’s do some short review of new games that you can buy in markets. Forget about one floppy disc, you need to have DVD or even BluRay to install them on your computer. Games are hundred times bigger that it was before. It is like a movie, all the time game is interrupted by long animations, it can be annoying for some people. You can't play such games when you have older graphic card or your CPU is not so good. Requirements are really high for new RPG or cool action games, for example new Battlefield. It is necessary to turn all effects and animations off or just... buy better hardware. Unfortunately second solution can cost us some money, only to run new game. On the other hand maybe it is better to buy new console with CPU and graphics good enough to play all possible games.